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Wanlong, in 2014successfully developed a foaming mould, and successfully applied to  automobile products, enhance  vehicle lightweighting, bring obviouseconomic benefit.

Foamed products comparedwith the traditional injection molding production, foaming mould injectionproduction cost advantages, can make the product weight loss ratio 20% ~ 50%,such as appearance of interior product weight loss ratio 30%, other cosmeticrequirements are not high product weight proportion about 50%, foamingtechnique can be popularized in application development products, have a door,front cover, back door plank, left and right side extension and so on someinner decoration, and exterior trim chassis guard board, etc.

Foam injection moldingtechnology break through limitations of traditional injection molding, canobviously reduce weight and shorten the molding cycle parts, reduce theclamping force of the equipment, reduce the cost of materials, reduce productcontraction deformation, eliminate shrinkage, internal stress and otheradvantages.

At present, Wanlong  has successful application cases, and thecooperative development of gm's front cover, left and right side plateproducts, cooperate with changan about extension of development board, andJapanese Toyota makes lower guard plate product development, liuzhou automobiledevelopment production of secondary step plate products.

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